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West Vancouver – 2432 Marine Drive View on map.



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Murray SmithMurray Smith
19:19 30 Jan 24
It has been almost a year since I started with Pulse once a week. The positive effects are amazing. Stronger core, stronger everything and no more back pain.
Joy LekcharoenJoy Lekcharoen
16:06 03 Jan 24
Kirsty IpKirsty Ip
04:32 28 Nov 23
All the employees are so sweet and kind - this goes for both locations! Truly amazing people and they always push you to work hard and be better but in the most positive way
Sof MerloSof Merlo
05:41 13 Oct 23
So happy to be adding EMS training at Body Pulse to my fitness routine! The team is so supportive and I felt welcomed right away. It is the most effective workout I’ve tried and can’t wait to continue with my sessions. Anyone looking to improve their fitness needs to try!
Winnie TamWinnie Tam
17:03 26 Sep 23
EMS is a great addition to an active lifestyle. I gained a lot of strength and endurance in my other activities (pilates, weight training & running) since starting EMS… whoot!! The trainers at Body Pulse are always friendly and enthusiastic— my only complaint is we don’t spend enough time with them because the sessions are so short 🤩
Shannon ChungShannon Chung
22:05 15 Jun 22
Amazing trainers and the environment is awesome. I have been coming now for over a year and the difference in my strength is incredible. I love sport and Body Pulse has helped me prevent injuries as well as heal old injuries that used to cause nerve pain. I would give more than 5 stars if I could .. thank you Body Pulse.
Rachelle LiegmannRachelle Liegmann
09:37 07 Jun 22
I rarely write a review but, have had the BEST experience at Bodypulse. From a staff that makes me belly laugh every session, to a workout that has helped me gain strength, posture, mobility and build muscle in 20 minutes a week. I could not have hoped for more. It only takes one session to realize how profound the workout is in targeting muscles throughout your entire body, including ones you did not previously know existed or could be trained.
Miko MillerMiko Miller
17:59 25 May 22
All of the trainers at Body Pulse are absolutely AMAZING!!I’ve been doing EMS sessions for a year now and I feel so strong in all that I do.I have a husband, three kids, and a full time job, so these 20 min sessions really work for my lifestyle.These guys make me laugh every time I’m here.I always get to do these sessions with my wonderful momma, such a great opportunity to catch up with her!
D SinclairD Sinclair
06:56 25 May 22
Like a double shot of espresso for the entire body. Efficient and tremendously effective… who can’t spare 20 minutes a week with a fun, knowledgeable team to improve posture, blast calories and strengthen muscles (including the ones you didn’t even know you had)?? As a once skeptical newbie, I have been shocked ⚡️ by the quantifiable results EMS at BodyPulse has yielded and the improvement in my strength, balance, posture and flexibility.
Juliana ValleeJuliana Vallee
01:26 20 May 22
Absolutely phenomenal! In more ways than one. The workout was amazing and not to mention the people who work there. I highly recommend Body Pulse to all fitness levels. I am committed and will be coming back for more! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Michael LamMichael Lam
06:01 06 Dec 18
I went here today for an early 8am workout, and it definitely fired up my muscles in all areas of my body within 20 minutes! I highly recommend this to any fitness enthusiast. Good for muscle engagement and muscle awareness.Great people, great studio, and good atmosphere.Instagram: mlam604
Macyn ScholzMacyn Scholz
19:14 18 Jun 22
Incredible and challenging full body work out! Can’t believe it’s only 20 minutes. The coaches are all great at pushing you and have wonderful personalities that make a hard workout a fun one too. I can’t recommend this enough
Judit BlaskoJudit Blasko
00:01 24 May 22
I love the West Van BodyPulse team! They are supportive, kind and very professional!I have just been to Toronto at a fencing competition ( so with all good looking athletes) and everybody keeps commenting on how good I look!! ( these people see me every three month at different tournaments and ) I have never gotten so MANY compliments! Thanks Guys!!!
Caroline JacquinCaroline Jacquin
23:12 20 May 22
First time doing EMS and I've loved every sessions so far. The staff at BodyPulse is knowledgeable and really friendly. Highly recommend.
Lumy OusLumy Ous
22:46 19 May 22
BodyPulse became my weekly routine. Great place to tone your whole body and to get some blood flow running. The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly. Thank you guys for being such a valuable addition to the community’s health💯
Parnian VajihollahiParnian Vajihollahi
13:57 19 May 22
One of the best studios I’ve been to in Vancouver. The trainers are very knowledgeable and awesome to workout with. The EMS training has been effective for me and I have noticed a difference within the first few sessions. Highly recommend this for busy individuals who need to get a good workout in weekly. And overall it’s pretty fun!
Ram TheramRam Theram
13:35 03 May 22
Well the 1st session was great. I am actually about to go to the 2nd one and and have 4 more to go. I will be updating this review after the sessions are done to Share the Results


Only 20 Minutes.

Equivalent to 4-5 hours of conventional training. Burn over 2000 calories on the days of your BodyPulse sessions.

Highly Effective.

See and feel a change within 5 sessions. Workouts done only once or twice a week.

Full Body Training.

Activate over 90% of all muscle fibers at once. Strengthen the entire body in 20 minutes.