About Us

  At BodyPulse we offer Electro Muscle Stimulation training for people of all ages and physical levels. We know that with a busy schedule it is difficult to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, maximize your performance or rehab an injury, BodyPulse is dedicated to assist you in reaching your goals.

  It’s as simple as a 20 minute workout with a personal trainer done once or twice a week.

How to Get Started

1. Book trial

Call us or schedule your session here!

2. Turn up

No need for sports gear or shoes! We provide the necessary clothing. Come meet your trainer and create your profile with us.

3. Get ready

Change into the EMS underwear provided. Your trainer will then assist with dressing you in the EMS vest and straps.

4. Let's train!

Feel the Pulse of EMS!