Membership Policies

How do I start a membership?
Click here to set up your membership online.

When does my membership become active, and how does it renew?
Your membership activates on the contract start date, which can be set for a future date, and automatically renews every month.

How many EMS sessions am I entitled to per billing cycle?
The Express and Gold memberships include 4 sessions every 28 days and the Express Plus and Platinum include 8 sessions every 28 days.

How long is each billing cycle, and how are payments processed?
Each billing cycle is 28 days (every 4 weeks). Payments are processed via the credit card you provide.

What happens if I want to add extra sessions during my membership?
If you wish to attend additional sessions beyond your allocated 4 or 8 sessions, they will be charged at the membership session rate of :
Express: $74
Gold: $69
Express Plus: $65
Platinum: $60
*These prices are subject to GST

Do unused session credits roll over to the next month?
No, session credits do not rollover from one month to the next.

How do session reservations work, and what is the cancellation policy? 
You must schedule training times in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes early. Late arrivals may result in a charged session. There’s a 24-hour cancellation policy for bookings. Failure to cancel within this timeframe results in session deduction. Medical emergencies require supporting documents.

Can I put my membership on hold, and what are the conditions for doing so?
Yes, you can place your membership on hold up to 3 times per calendar year. Each hold can be a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days in length. Hold requests must be submitted online, and a $50 non-refundable admin fee applies.

How do I request a membership hold, and how are billing and contract dates affected during a hold?
To activate a membership hold, you must provide at least 72 hours’ notice via email to info@bodypulse.com. Billing and contract expiry dates will be adjusted forward by the number of days on hold.

How can I cancel my membership, and what are the conditions for cancellation?
You can cancel your membership by providing 7 days’ notice before your monthly auto-renewal billing date after completing the minimum 3 months of payments for the Express and Express Plus or 6 months for the Gold and Platinum memberships. Cancellation requests must be submitted online via email to info@bodypulse.com. Cancellations and holds cannot overlap.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership mid-contract? 
The remaining amount for entirety of contract will be charged in lump sum for early cancellation.

Are there any exceptions for a mid-contract cancellation of membership?
Mid-contract membership cancellations can be granted if :
1. Medical emergency or serious long-term illness that prevents from continuing EMS training. Supporting documents from a family doctor or medical professional will be requested and required.
2. Relocation to more than 30 km away from any BodyPulse studio. Supporting documents will be requested and required.
Refund exemptions are prorated based upon the time remaining on payments made for membership. A cancellation fee of $50+gst will be deducted from refund amount.

Booking & Session Policies

How do I book a session?
You can book online on the booking page, via the Mindbody app, in-person at the studio, or you can also phone in at anytime during business hours to book a session.

Should I do one or 2 sessions a week?
Choose 1 sessions a week to kickstart your EMS journey or 2 sessions a week to see faster results. Just make sure to give your body a minimum of 36 hours recovery in between each session.

Can I buy sessions online with my credit card?
Yes! Click here to purchase your package online

Can I train with a partner/friend?
Yes! We train a maximum of 2 people at a time. It’s often more fun and motivating if you train with someone you know, so we actively encourage it!
If both are Intro Sessions : We can book intro sessions for both of you, just let us know your ideal date and time.
If EMS Session + Intro Session : As it will be the intro session for your friend, please let them know to arrive 5 minutes early so that we can get them ready in time for your session together.

Can I train in both studios?
Absolutely! When booking online, make sure to choose the correct location to do your next session. If calling in to book, please make sure to call the number of the studio you would like to do your next session in.

How do session reservations work, and what is the cancellation policy?
You must schedule training times in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes early. Late arrivals may result in a charged session. There’s a 24-hour cancellation policy for bookings. Failure to cancel within this timeframe results in session deduction. Medical emergencies require supporting documents.

What is the cancellation and rescheduling policy for booked sessions?
You cancel or reschedule booked sessions with at least 24 hours’ notice before the training start time. Failure to cancel within this timeframe results in the session being deducted from your package.

Is it possible to reschedule or cancel a session due to a medical emergency?
In case of a medical emergency, please notify us as soon as possible. Supporting medical documentation may be required, and session credits will be used within the same package.

How are session packages paid for, and can sessions be transferred or refunded?
All session packages must be paid for upfront to secure your booking. Sessions cannot be transferred or refunded. Please note that prices are subject to change.

How do I schedule training times, and when should I arrive for my sessions?
You should arrange your training times in advance with BodyPulse. It is essential to arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled training time. Sessions start promptly, and late arrival may result in a charged session.

Can I book a recurring slot every week?
Yes absolutely. Just let us know the ideal day and time for your recurring sessions. This is subject to availability however, so we will let you know if any of the days are unavailable.

Do you do refunds? Can I split the pack with someone else?
As per our terms and conditions, all sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable, so the sessions you purchase are only for your personal profile.

Studio Information

Where are you located?
We currently have 2 studios in Vancouver.
In Kitsilano, located on 2665 West 4th Ave, and
In West Vancouver, located on 2432 Marine Drive.
Click here to see studios on the map.

What are your opening hours?
Kitsilano Studio :
Monday 7:00 – 1:00
Tuesday 7:00 – 1:00 & 3:00 – 8:00
Wednesday 7:00 – 3:00
Thursday 7:00 – 1:00 & 3:00 – 8:00
Friday 7:00 – 1:00
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 7:20 – 3:00
West Vancouver Studio :
Monday 7:30 – 1:30
Tuesday 7:30 – 1:30
Wednesday 7:30 – 1:30
Thursday 7:30 – 12:30 & 3:30 – 7:30
Friday 7:30 – 1:30
Saturday 8:30 – 1:30

Are you dog friendly?
Yes we are! As long as they are well-trained, enjoy our attention and are able to sit quietly without disturbing the session then please feel free to bring them in. 😉

Can I schedule to have a tour of the studio to see how it works?
Feel free to drop into the studio anytime. You can also have a look at our Instagram page for clips of our workouts as well as testimonials.

Do you guys have parking for clients?
Kitsilano Studio : There are paid parking spaces right in front of the studio.
West Vancouver Studio: Yes, there are free spaces right outside our studio entrance along the street. If they are unavailable, we also have free parking spaces located behind the building where our studio is located.

How long have you been open for?
The first location in Kitsilano has been open since 2018, whilst the West Vancouver location opened in 2021.

What certifications do your trainers have? What sets you apart from other studios?
We pride ourselves in being one of the only licensed studios in all of Canada. All of our trainers are officially licensed and have all gone through the same extensive in-house training process to be fully knowledgeable in EMS training and deliver the standard of quality that we as BodyPulse strive for.

EMS Questions

How does EMS work?
Our EMS device sends signals to the electrodes located inside the vest and straps that cause over 90% of muscles in the body to contract. Working all of the muscles at once while doing body weight movements makes EMS a time efficient and very effective workout.

How long does a BodyPulse session last?
The BodyPulse workout itself is 20 minutes with a 2-minute relaxation period to ensure faster recovery for your muscles.

How long until I see results?
When sessions are done consistently every 3-7 days you will start to see and feel the changes within the first 5 sessions. That could be done in less than 4 weeks! However, the results depend on many factors like excess weight, muscle condition, nutrition, current training regiment, water intake, gender and age. Of course, this can mean different things for different people. Some see a change in their posture or their range of motion in certain movements. Others see decreased pain especially in the lower back or shoulders, and some see physical changes such a lift in the butt, toning of the muscles such as the arms and legs, or that their clothes start to fit better on them.

Can I lose weight with EMS training?
Weight? Maybe, but fat – definitely! Just remember that muscle mass weighs more than fat. You will burn off excess fat and strengthen the muscles due to the intensity and activation of the muscles in the body. The more muscle activation in the body leads to a higher metabolic rate (or natural rate the body burns).
The best way to track fat loss is not through weighing yourself but instead through measuring the diameter of certain parts of the body (ie. Around the waistline and/or around the thighs and arms)

Do I have to move or can I just stand there?
One of our licensed trainers will be guiding you throughout the entire session and explaining each exercise. The research shows that the impulse sent to your muscles combined with your own movements and squeezing of the muscles is where the real benefits and results come in. But not to worry, all the exercises are bodyweight and can always be tailored to your mobility and movement capabilities.

Does it hurt?
Not at all! Everyone’s muscle sensitivities are completely subjective, so it is all based on your own sensitivity and how hard you want to push your body. Your EMS workout session may cause some soreness, as the deeper and harder to reach muscles are affected. This mainly depends on your body type and how you treat your body pre and post session.
EMS training is safe and easy on the joints as well as no added weight is loaded on the body. It is simply you moving your body as your muscles are being stimulated.

Can I get an electric shock during my training?
Definitely not! It is impossible to receive an electric shock during the training because our German made devices and suits send a low frequency current using a battery. The intensity of the pulses generated is a maximum of 0.05 watts RMS. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this. They are also licensed for use in hospitals & rehab center and have the highest accreditation in North America and Europe.

Any negative side effects?
No. None at all. According to a number of official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for healthy individuals. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive benefits.

What results can I expect to see from BodyPulse?
The main results are increased muscle strength & definition/tone, fat loss, posture improvement, decreased back & joint pain, tightened skin and decreased cellulite.

Is EMS Safe? Can it affect my heart?
EMS training is a safe, injury-proof training method. The low-frequency impulses only activates the striated skeletal muscles, so there is no way to reach the organs of your body, meaning it cannot affect the heart.

Can anyone do it?
EMS is suitable for people of all ages and physical levels. Nevertheless, you will have to fill out an to make sure that there are no conditions that could prevent you from starting your first session. The following are the contraindicators with regards to EMS :

Pregnancy, Acute diseases (pneumonia, diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis) Bacterial infections, Skin irritations (open wounds, eczema, sun burns), Recent operations (each case is different), Thrombosis (blood clot), Stents or bypass, High blood pressure, Cardiovascular diseases, Epilepsy, Heart pacemakers and other active medical implants (including metal IUDs), Heavy blood circulation disorders, Abdominal wall or inguinal hernia, Tuberculosis, Tumor diseases, Arteriosclerosis (Advanced stage), Arterial blood circulation disorders, Heavy neurological diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Febrile diseases, Acute bacterial or viral processes, Bleedings/ hemorrhages, Hemophilia (heavy bleeding), Diseases affecting internal disorders, Acute arthiritis.

Is there an age limit for EMS training?
We do not have a set minimum or maximum age, as our clients vary from early teens to the elderly. For the minimum age, our main focus is to make sure the body is grown to a certain point in terms of muscle development and height, and the client is able to give feedback regarding the sensitivity of the stimulation. In terms of the maximum age, as long as the client has no contraindicators and are able to execute at least some simple bodyweight movements, all ages are welcome.

Is EMS training enough?
A consistent EMS routine & good nutrition will definitely help you achieve a healthier overall life and hit your physical goals but we always suggest to live an active lifestyle even if that means just getting your steps in every day.

How much does nutrition matter?
Nutrition is very important, as it is the deciding factor for your results outside of these sessions. Please be sure to avoid caffeine or alcohol before and after your sessions, and to stay very well hydrated throughout the day. Ensure that you eat nutritious and balanced whole foods to maximize recovery and results. We always suggest staying away from processed foods and especially sugar.

Can I combine EMS with traditional workouts?
Definitely! Just make sure to listen do your body. Ensure you are giving yourself enough rest and recovery time between workouts, avoid doing another workout on the same day as your EMS session and if you are feeling soreness in certain areas, avoid overworking those muscles.

Can EMS be done long term?
Absolutely! EMS can definitely be an ongoing fitness routine. We recommed that you continue a regular EMS schedule in order to gain and maintain muscle strength, as well as other positive results.

Can I make changes to my medical information after signing up?
Yes, you can update your medical information as needed and we highly recommend that. Please inform BodyPulse of any changes to ensure your safety during training.

Will this help me with my sports?
Of course! That’s the main reason a lot of professional athletes use EMS training in their regiment. EMS training supports many different goals as it targets every type of muscle fibre at the same time. This is especially useful for explosive or fast paced sports, as the fast twitch muscle fibres which are predominantly used in these sports are targeted right away. In contrast, regular strength training only begins to recruit these fibres towards the end of a set or a workout.

What happens to the body after EMS?
Because of the high amount of muscle recruitment during the workout, the body will continue to burn calories at a much higher rate for up to 8 hours after your session. That’s why it’s important to refuel the body with good nutrition and lots of hydration after the workout.

How is EMS so effective?
With an EMS session, 90% of your muscles are involved. The pulses reach the deepest muscle fibers that cannot be easily reached with traditional workouts. A 20-minute EMS session is equivalent to 4 hours of physical training, and its effect is around 18 times greater than conventional workouts.

Can I do EMS after pregnancy?
Yes, indeed you can. After pregnancy, your muscle volume and strength decrease and connective tissue is often overloaded. When it comes to gently rebuilding a specific muscle or muscle groups, EMS training can effectively target and engage the deepest parts of the muscles. As a result, EMS can also tighten loose skin and help eliminate stretch marks that typically appear after pregnancy. However, it is imperative that you consult your doctor before starting EMS.
The body should be ready to start EMS training 3 months after a natural birth or 9 months after a C-section but we always advise to ask your doctor prior to proceeding with EMS training.

Why does an EMS session only last 20 minutes and only done once or twice a week?
Due to the intensity on over 90% of the muscles in the body during a 20 minute EMS session the body needs a minimum of 36 hours to recover. As such we advise a maximum of 2 sessions a week (or 1 session every 3 days). Results only show when the body has time to recover after a workout and is given the right nutrients & hydration.

Can I use EMS training to target specific muscle groups or fitness goals?
The best part of whole-body EMS training is its versatility. Depending on your goals and current lifestyle we are able to tailor the moves and intensities on specific muscle groups to help you achieve those goals.

If you have any further questions, we are here to help! Contact us here.